Integ Choice Inc.

Integration Consulting Services
Plan, Implement, Manage 

Implementing a system is only part of a system process; Integ-Choice process includes experienced advisers, a plan, a collaboration of documents and pre/post implementation audits.


The project begins with examining current processes and developing improved business rules, and adapting implementation templates:

  • Close collaboration between customer and Integ-Choice consultants ensures that the system will truly meet the needs of the organization
  • All departments that will be affected by implementation are represented on the customer project team
  • A detailed project plan helps establish client and vendor roles and responsibilities and clarify expectations
  • The proven implementation template will make it simple for the project team to identify required tasks assign
  •  Responsibility and determine performance measures
  • The plan is regularly reviewed and revised to incorporate changed priorities that reflect schedule and personnel changes


Implementation means working the plan, passing the milestones and meeting or revising project goals to ensure that the implementation proceeds on time and on budget:

  • Pre-implementation audit determines readiness
  • Documented current business practices and requirements are used to evaluate process improvements and implementing best practices
  • Implementation approach - all modules at once or systems - determined by customer business drivers


Leveraging Integ-Choice flexibility ensures that the system will adapt to business practices now and in the future

  • Post-implementation audit determines system and user readiness
  • Supports an easy upgrade path
  • Customer priorities and resources will determine the use of Integ-Choice management services or in-house management