Integ Choice Inc.


Our premier services are designed to help integrate your IT needs across the company enterprise.  Whether you engage us to facilitate your existing IT capabilities or to assist you as your Integration Implementation Partner, we will help you integrate and implement a solution that address the key business and technology needs of your enterprise.


  • Infrastructure Support:
  • Network Integration:
  • Security Strategy:
  • Help Desk:
  • Internet / Intranet Portal Management:
  • Project Management
  • Implementation Management Planning


Our Infrastructure Support provides expertise for an array of healthcare support. Our team of experts is experience in infrastructure support


     IT Services Consolidation

     Data Center Consolidation

     IT Service Management (ITSM)

     Legacy System re-deployment

     Virtualization Technology Management Solutions



Our Network Integration Services focus on helping businesses and organizations of all sizes provide high-performance, reliable LAN/WAN support for their users.  Our offering is a comprehensive service line for all of your networking needs.



     Client Services deployment

     Network Infrastructure deployment

     CISCO collaboration

     Enterprise email (Exchange Server)

     Mobile connectivity

     Cloud-base services



Our Security Strategy takes in consideration the crucial needs to protect and prevent an onslaught of security issues. Our strategy focus on helping organizations to provide reliable proven methods to support the security needs of their users.  Out strategy is a comprehensive service line for all of your security needs.


     Personal Identification Number (PIN) management and security

     Identify restrict access of un-authorized users

     ID verification

     Track authorized changes

     Client Services deployment

     Maximize system uptime

     Public / Private Key Infrastructure





In today’s constantly changing business environment, the need for access to timely and accurate information across your enterprise has never been more important. At Integ Choice Corporation we understand this need, and respond by helping our clients build Hep Desk procedures that capture and store business-critical data.


     Help Desk (Salesforce / SAAS / Clarify)




Integ Choice has experience developing and deploying Internet - Intranet Strategy for managing Internet / Intranet websites. Our experiences have determined that using the Microsoft SharePoint product significantly facilitates this portal development.


     Web Site hosting/ integration

     Microsoft SharePoint / SharePoint Portal




The acquisition of new technology represents a business transformation for an organization. There is always change associated with this transformation. We think the success of any system implementation can be measured by the enterprise’s ability to adapt to this change. That is why we complement our technical expertise with a full line of Project Management solutions that assist our clients with managing the change associated with business transformation.

     Support of corporate contracts

     eCPIC collaboration

     U-Test-IT ® Toolkit



Since our inception, Integ Choice Corp. has experience in Implementation Management Planning. We have offerings for custom enterprise applications and platforms to fit the specific needs of our clients.


    IT personnel responsibility

    Planning, budgeting, and forecasting

    Subsidiary-level and corporate reporting

    Management and executive reporting

    Workflow management and processes

    Performance management